Where Will I Be in Five Years?

by Tony Chung on September 16, 2006

Yesterday I wrote an essay for my senior project course titled “Where Will I Be Professionally in Five Years?” Thought I’d share it with you all.

Where Will I Be Professionally in Five Years?

I predict that in five years I will have saved enough money and gained enough experience to start a web-based company targeted towards a college audience. Based on the trend of technology start-ups in the region, I imagine that this company would be based in the Silicon Valley. Traditional media will have nearly disappeared in five years and will be replaced by the Internet. In addition, more and more people will have access to a computer and/or the Internet; thus, the digital divide will be practically non-existent by that time. This is why I will be betting on a web-based company. The money used to start this company will be provided primarily by venture capitalists from Asia and America. By then, I will have acquired my BSEE from San Jose State University and my MBA from ________.

In terms of work experience, I will have worked both in technical and sales positions to gain a better understanding of how the two areas operate in harmony. My technical expertise will be in networking and communications from three years of experience as a software engineer at _______. My sales experience will be acquired from two years of work in an executive sales position at ________. During my years as an engineer, I will have met many talented individuals and increased my network of colleagues. Many of these colleagues will be invited to join my start-up company.

In addition to managing the birth of my new company, I will be involved in two other endeavors: venture capitalism and entertainment. These two areas will be hobbies for which I will allocate a portion of my savings. I will be investing in new ideas and new companies with potentially high return, regardless of which industry the new idea is catered towards. Furthermore, I’ll be actively trading securities in the stock market. My current passion for music production and songwriting will continue as well. In five years, I’ll be writing popular _______ music for new and upcoming artists under my own record label in ______. This will occur after releasing several albums as a musical artist in Taiwan. I hope to also spend some of my money towards funding creative independent films.

Due to my passion for entrepreneurship, I’m pretty sure that I will not be married in five years. I’ll still be living life by my motto, “You only live once and the sky’s the limit!” As selfish as it sounds, I believe that my interests and passions will remain the priorities in my life. My parents will have retired in China. Although my brother and I will be leading relatively busy lives, we will be sending them money periodically to ensure that they are living happily and healthily together.

I am hopeful that my life in five years will be relatively close to my predictions. However, regardless of how much is accomplished, happiness and good health are still crucial to success. I am looking forward to an upcoming five years of prosperity and enlightenment!

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