Four years of College, what did I Learn?

by Tony Chung on September 21, 2006

Recently I’ve been thinking about the benefits of my college education. Since I’ll be graduating in less than a year, I want to make sure I don’t regret anything I didn’t do in college later on in life. Did I maximize my college experience? Or more importantly,

What did i really get out of four years in college?


Obviously graduation will earn me a degree and along with that comes potential jobs, respect, and a general understanding of my field of study. But that’s a given, so let’s put that aside for a moment. I’ve come to believe that the true benefit (or importance) of my college education has not been from the classroom.. but from meeting and communicating with new people i.e. networking.

Just think about how complex our lives are, take a moment and consider:

Your own commitments,
Your interests,
Your passion,
Your friends.

Now multiply that info by the number of people you know. That’s a LOT of information and experiences.. good food for the soul! Unfortunately, I think a lot of us don’t really captialize on this fact: Each individual’s profile is a sea of interesting information.

I’d say the real and interesting experiences / opportunities I’ve had in these past four years have all stemmed from networking. And I think that this network of individuals will definitely in some way or another be involved in my future ambitions and projects. I credit my college years for allowing me to have the opportunity to vicariously live many experiences through the individuals I’ve met.

If it weren’t for going to college, I’d be far less equipped.
Thank you college.

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