Facebook = The End of High School Reunions?

by Tony Chung on September 24, 2006

So as I was surfing the net on Facebook.com today (as I do pretty much every day), I suddenly thought to myself:

With Facebook now, is there really a need for high school reunions?

Probably at least 70% of the students from my high school class is on Facebook now. Scheduling a reunion would definitely be easier through Facebook, but is there really a need? After all, the purpose of high school reunions is pretty much for everyone to get together again and catch up. We can do that now by simply “writing on someone’s wall”. And all our info is pretty much there:

– Where I’m working now
– Who is my significant other
– What did I do today
– My friends (easy way to find out how your mutual friends are doing too)
– Where did I go for college

I remember when I first signed on to Facebook and was so f’ing excited to find my long-lost elementary school buddies from Texas (who I seriously thought I would never see again in this life). Frankly, I think that the only true advantage of a reunion is to physically see each other (specifically those who aren’t on Facebook).

This concept is again illustrating how The World is Flat (I know I’m beating a dead horse). Chatting it up from your comfy dorm room with that high school buddy from 2nd period English class during 1st semester freshman year, who now lives 500 miles away from you in ________ university (and who is now dating your first girlfriend) would’ve been unthinkable five years ago.. but now it’s a reality.

If Mark Zuckerberg is smart enough, very soon we will be seeing a more efficient organizing of high school networks and the birth of a “Set up a high school reunion” function (the current “Setup an Event” function is too generic for this purpose) on Facebook.

You heard it first on Geekwhat.com. :)

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