Is Social Networking a Form of Exploitation?

by Tony Chung on October 25, 2006

Social networking has always been a tricky subject. That is, the concept of artificial courting with ulterior motives. We basically use networking to achieve a personal goal, whether that be to promote your company or to find a new significant other.


Angela Natividad posted an insightful blog entry on social networking (very worth reading), which got me thinking on the topic. She mentions the ideology of “It’s Not Who You Know, But Who You Get to Know”. I think this is very important, to really value an individual rather than to simply consider if he/she matches the items on your checklist.

Entrepreneurs are by nature equipped with social networking skills. And I think it’s perfectly fine to network, I do it all the time without even noticing. But sometimes it’s easy to forget that meeting new people isn’t all about whether they fit your needs. This is an important point.

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