How to Score Two Chinese Food Meals for the Price of One

by Tony Chung on October 27, 2006

*If you want to buy a meal for dinner and also have the next days’ lunch included free of charge, read on.

I left school really late today and decided it was too late to cook food. So I dialed up my trusted Chinese food take-out source and ordered my favorite meal. It was 8:35PM and the lady on the phone told me that they close at 8:50PM, asking me if i can make it in time to pick up the meal. I said yes.

I drove there, picked up the meal, got home, and popped open the lid.

I was speechless. Packed to the brim (literally) with chicken, vegetables, and rice. Definitely more than the usual amount.

I guess because the store is closing for the night, they’re getting rid of all the day’s leftover food that would otherwise be thrown away.


The key? Order Chinese food right before they close and you’ll receive plenty more for the same price.

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