How to Stop Receiving Trash Mail

by Tony Chung on November 16, 2006

I sift through a load of useless (tangible) mail every single day, the majority of my mail is stuff that I end up recycling. The ratio is about 5:1, meaning I typically open 1 out of 5 mail items that actually looks important. Then, half the time these opened items turn out to be crap masked in potential importance. Do any of you go through the same thing?

Do you ever think about how you end up getting all this useless mail? It’s basically spam. You trash the spam you get in your e-mail inbox just like you trash the useless mail. So how do you avoid getting more of this trash?

Stop giving out your identity in conjunction with the items you consume. Here’s an idea:

Stop swiping your Safeway Club Card or entering your phone number during every purchase. Instead, request to use the house card.


Ususally employees at these supermarkets are trained to allow the customer to use the house card. Why should you do this?

Every time you swipe your Safeway Club Card, Mr. Safeway and all his friends are informed of:

1) the items you need and consume, and
2) your residential address

Now Mr. Safeway and his friends can send you some ‘gifts’! Typically, this ends up being irrelevant mail and such. Believe it or not, your information is actually very valuable to these companies. Because of your purchasing data, these companies can make a better decision of how to target you. Your saving $ comes at the expense of releasing your consumer activity.

The point: Keep getting the discounts without the influx of trash mail.
Yes, they are correlated.

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