Tony’s Pocket Change Manifesto!

by Tony Chung on December 6, 2006

When you’re a poor college student whose income comes from volatile stocks, you’re destined to a path of efficient spending. I’ve been trying to cut back on expenses recently. While doing so, I came up with an idea:

Make good use of that stash of pocket change!


I have a stash of coins in a big jar on my desk. And a lot of miscellaneous change lying around on the floor from whenever I’m picking dirty jeans. I collected all this change and divided them into one-dollar-stacks.

Now, whenever I leave the house, I bring one of these stacks with me. This way, I feel good about my purchases because it’s as if I’m getting a one dollar discount on whatever petty items I buy. That’s 50% off a $2 burrito (or a free pack of gum)!

Assuming you use one stack per week, that’s $52 saved in a year!

Am I saving a lot of money short-term? No.
Long-term? Maybe!

It makes me feel good. :)

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