The 101 on Studying at Starbucks

by Tony Chung on December 11, 2006

Question: Why do students go to cafes like Starbucks, Borders, or Coffee Society to study?


We could easily study in the comfort of our homes or even the library instead of paying a few bucks for a drink at a cafe.

The atmosphere?
Mnm… not exactly.

My Answer: Students like to be confirmed that others are doing the same thing and that they’re not the only ones with their face in a book. It’s a reassurance thing. This is the same reason why bloggers continue to write blog entries. We, as bloggers, want to be assured that others are reading our material. We don’t want to be alone on this trek! (otherwise we would just jot our notes down in a journal or something less public, right?)

Commonality is key!

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