Tony’s How to Buy Gifts 101

by Tony Chung on December 19, 2006

So I was doing holiday gift shopping earlier today and realized something very interesting:

Gift-giving can be remarkably similar to creating a product or service.


Do you find yourself wandering through stores and contemplating what you’re going to get for Peggy TwoShoes? I realized that this process can be dramatically simplified if you just come up with a unique gift that caters to certain types of individuals. That is, come up with something that’s YOUR gift for people. For instance, here’s my setup:

  1. Friends – Brandy beans from Trader Joe’s
  2. Parents – Wine bottle opener from Target
  3. Potlucks – I cook fried okra.

I love brandy beans, a friend introduced it to me once and I was addicted to this rare, special, one-of-a-kind candy. My parents as well as my girlfriend’s parents enjoy wine at least once or two every week of the year. Not many people think about bringing okra to a potluck, but I’ve loved it since my days in Texas. What is okra? 😉


Catch the parallel to product creation? Create a unique product with a targeted audience! Note: I’ll be in Las Vegas for the next few days, so no new posts until Friday! :-/

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