Being a Good Follow-Upper

by Tony Chung on January 11, 2007

Two weeks ago, Bloglines contacted me after I signed up to try out some of their new products. They sent me an e-mail to choose a date to swing by their office. I responded. And that was it. No confirmation. No meeting. No follow up.

I think following up with people is very important. This means:

    1. returning e-mails
    2. responding to blog comments
    3. getting back to ppl about pending items
    4. being proactive on items you are waiting on


Following up makes life easier with less burdens. It also increases your credit and brightens your reputation. Sometimes I have trouble being a good follow-upper, so I’ve been meditating about how best to follow-up with people. I think the key is to respond or follow-up with people as soon as the opportunity rises. (ideally right away) Stalling will only lead to two potential outcomes:

    1. forgetting
    2. delaying

Being a good follow-upper is a good way to live. C’mon Bloglines! :p

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