Your Blog is your Brand

by Tony Chung on April 13, 2007

Yep, your blog is a part of you. Heck, it IS you. Personal branding. My two cents:

Writing a blog is like running a business.

How? Here are some analogies:

  1. Quality. If I write something offensive or boring today, you might stop coming back. Or you might discard my feed from your RSS reader.
  2. Word of mouth. If you dig my blog, you just might tell your friends to come check it out. Case in point: After Robert Scoble recommended my blog, my RSS readership doubled immediately.
  3. Maintenance. I have to make sure my blog is looking sharp at all times. Who knows what important person might drop in by chance?
  4. Customers = #1. The reader is most important. Uninteresting content = dead blog = waste of time.
  5. Reputation. Number of readers statistics = your reputation / credibility / popularity.

Any serious blogger should keep these things in mind.

Agree or disagree?

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