You’re that Guy who… (enter Positive Fact)

by Tony Chung on July 22, 2007


First thought that comes to mind (besides #$%!@#!!)? 😉


  • Dave is that guy who created that site Faqqly…identify yourself with FAQs right?
  • Megan Fox is that… hot girl in Transformers…right?

Do your colleagues know you as that person who… (enter positive fact/skill/position)?

I met 5 or 6 people last night at a social gathering. It was fun, but when the night was over and the alcohol had started to lose its effect on my system… who stood out most from the people I met (in a positive way)?

Sometimes I think to myself… Do I want people to know me as that blogger? or as a “pop star” in Asia? or… as that basketball coach…. blah blah

Maybe the answer’s different depending on which clique you’re hanging out with… but I think it’s important to know how you define yourself, how you market your skills, and what you want to be known for.

Bottom line: What are you most proud of about yourself? Now tell some people!

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