My Fondness for Hong Kong

by Tony Chung on February 9, 2008

I’ve been here in Hong Kong for five days now and today marks the day that I began to develop a fondness for Hong Kong…


I finally had a good look at Hong Kong Island today. For those of you who aren’t too familiar with the geography of Hong Kong (me before and still a bit now), it is basically split into three parts…


The island on the west is Lantau (airport where you fly in to HK), the island on the southeast is Hong Kong Island, and the top area connected to China is split into New Territories and Kowloon.  According to my buddy Sherman, Hong Kong Island is the area with the most history (started developing earliest). There are basically lots of skyscrapers and a major metropolitan vibe there. It reminded me a lot of downtown San Francisco or New York in America. A really great feeling.

Looks like this:


Three sweet places I visited this time…

  1. Lan Kwai Fong in Central district (HK night life). I went to Lan Kwai Fong last night with some friends, what a vibe! It’s a really youthful and vibrant area full of upbeat lounges, bars, and clubs. I really dug the vibe a lot. People party pretty hard in HK and there are SO many foreigners, it’s unbelievable. There are tons of options too… American-style bars, classy lounges, packed clubs… We went to three separate spots last night, each had its own vibe. One of them (Dragon I) had a live drummer playing a set of Africa drums with the electronic music… really unique.lankwaifong
  2. Victoria Harbor. Beautiful sight both at night and day. The fireworks display during Chinese New Year (two days ago) was amazing, the best 20-25 minute fireworks show I’ve ever seen in my life (yes it beat the 3-4 minutes of mayhem at Taipei101 during new year ;)). Also, they have a laser light show every night at 8:00PM where you will see laser beams of various colors firing off the buildings. Taking the ferry from New Territories to Hong Kong Island is pretty remarkable too (especially at night).victoriaharbor
  3. The peak (View from tallest peak of HK). Beautiful view of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and New Territories. I believe the view of Victoria Harbor from the peak is one of the finest views in the world. The ride up is pretty scenic as well. Not only is the view amazing, but there are also some really classy restaurants. Definitely a romantic place to go with your siginificant other.thepeakview

Whenever I visit new countries, I think to myself… do I see myself living here? After today, I can kinda feel myself living here at least short-term… One of the key things I like most about HK is that it is very international. From the architecture to the transportation system to the culture… This is not something I can say about Taiwan. Hong Kong had me at hello? 😉

P.S. Let’s not forget the oh-so-convenient one hour ferry ride to get to Macau… (I was there for two days this week…)

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