What is Your Net Worth?

by Tony Chung on June 2, 2008


Today I was buying a candy bar at the convenience store, only $0.50, chump change right? Yes, but it got me thinking about how much money I’m spending at the convenience store every week… and furthermore…

How much money / assets do I own total?? i.e. what is my net worth?

So I just spent an hour updating my ginormous net worth excel spreadsheet. It basically has all my assets organized with dollar amounts for every month. I organized my spreadsheet into the following categories:

  • CD accounts (Certificate of Deposit accounts)
    1. Account 1…
    2. Account 2…
    3. etc…
  • Website Revenue
    1. Google ads
    2. Text Link ads
    3. etc…
  • Securities Revenue (Stocks)
  • Bank Account Balances
    1. Bank 1…
    2. Bank 2…
    3. etc…
  • Music Revenue
  • etc…

After organizing all my account balances and revenue amounts, it really gave me a very clear picture of where my income is being generated as well as how much money I have TOTAL. I highly recommend all of you to make such a spreadsheet and update it monthly (especially if you have income coming in from many sources).

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