Stores that are like Humans Attract Me

by Tony Chung on June 17, 2008

Funny title yes? Hear me out!


There is a CD store here in Taipei that I visit at least once a month. Only this CD store, not the other CD retail chains. Why only this store? Simple answer: It’s human.

What do you mean ‘human’??

Well, your average CD store basically consists of newest releases in the front and everything else in the middle and back of the store. Music is grouped by genres with more popular genres placed towards the front of the store. Yes? Well, not this CD store. They are constantly changing. But that’s not the point. The difference is that their staff consists of true music fanatics, true lovers of music who listen to all types of genres with an open mind. They are very musically knowledgeable and the way they categorize music in the store directly reflects this knowledge. For example, they will have such things as:

  • Small hand-written notes next to many recommended CDs that describe the music and maybe even the band’s influences.
  • Or there will be special stickers on handpicked CDs that are favorites of the staff.
  • There is an area in the front of the store dedicated to whatever genre or band is being pushed that month (e.g. trip hop music). They generally don’t use this area for the newest generic mainstream music you see in all the other stores.

The store has life. It’s thriving!

I think this is important for any type of business really. If you want people to care about your store or product, you need to show that you are investing your time and passion into making it the best experience for the customer. More importantly, that there is real thought and insight behind what is being marketed. Another good example would be a website that is constantly being updated with the latest information requested by customers.

Bonus: Anybody know what movie that film scene above is from? It’s relevant! 😉

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vip2008 January 5, 2008 at 5:57 pm

شات العاثر

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