How Do People Perceive You?

by Tony Chung on June 20, 2008

Know thyself.  A motto I live by… i.e. know how you come across to others!


I recently met a person who either

  1. doesn’t know how he appears to others or
  2. is aware of his behavior and simply wants to be obnoxious and annoying.

    I’ve always believed that it’s important to know how your behavior and personality come across to other people. a.k.a. your reputation. Would YOU want to hang around a person like yourself? Are you cool? Are you a good friend? I encourage you to stop right now for a moment and imagine you are someone else observing yourself… how does it feel?

Some of the characteristics I noticed immediately about this person I met recently:

  • Annoying
  • Self-centered
  • In love with himself
  • A bad listener
  • Bad manners

It really makes me think whether or not this person KNOWS that he appears this way to others. Maybe none of his friends actually cared enough about him to let him know. I truly believe that improving oneself in this area can result in more success in career opportunities and better social health.

Bottom line: Jump out of your own shoes every now and then and consider if you are being the ‘best’ person that you can possibly be.

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