Hong Kong Trip, Day 3 – Mong Kok and The Infinite Search for a Cafe

by Tony Chung on August 8, 2008


On the streets at Tsim Sha Tsui

Day 3 (Saturday, 7/26)

Total money spent (in USD):

$10 – Transportation costs
$15 – Dinner at PRC
$30 – Shopping in Mong Kok
$10 – Drinks at Lam Kwai Fong

Net Expenses: ~USD$65

Wei and I left our hostel around 11am and went our separate ways. I went to have lunch with my dad and Wei went to Hong Kong Island to have lunch with his buddy Doug. Lunch with my dad was nice, I hadn’t seen him since the last time I visited Hong Kong in February. We had some traditional Hong Kong dim sum at Tsim Sha Tsui.

Afterwards, Wei and I rendezvous-d and headed to Mong Kok. BUT before we did so, we loaded up on some vitamin C ’shots’ at the local Watson’s store:


Yes, super nerdy galore, but we had to try it. The bottle form and label of these little badboys had made us curious since day one. Seeing that we were lacking in energy, it seemed the perfect time to try them out. I don’t think it did much for us in the end :p We got to Mong Kok via MTR around 2pm, it is basically the biggest street market area in Hong Kong, I did a video about Mong Kok on my last visit. We shopped around for a few hours, bought a few items here and there. We encountered a super rude and very low-class street vendor there. She basically got upset when we tried to bargain on a pair of sunglasses (which is a totally normal practice at street markets) and started insulting us left and right. I was close to telling her off in Cantonese but resisted. :p

After a few hours of perusing Mong Kok, our legs were pretty much begging for mercy. So we began what became a surprisingly long search for a coffee shop or cafe (hence the title of this post). I kid you not when I say that we searched for a cafe for an hour. ANY cafe would have worked for us at that point, but there were absolutely none in sight. So we decided to head to Causeway Bay, because we remembered seeing some cafes there yesterday. Unfortunately we still didn’t find any cafes there either. But just as we were about to give up, Wei saw a random sign that had the words “coffee shop” in its title. Without thinking, we headed towards that shop. Turns out it is a very unique hole-in-the-wall bookstore/cafe with a very cool vibe:



The place is called “People’s Recreation Community (PRC)”, they have a lot of Mao ZeDong posters around the shop, it seemed to be their theme. We chilled and ate dinner there for an hour or so, then my buddy Sherman met up with us. We then headed to Lam Kwai Fong to see a jazz band perform at The Fringe Club. It was super cool how everyone was jammed inside a small venue just watching a 15-piece jazz band perform (as opposed to treating them as background music). Six or seven us then headed to Half Past Ten, a lounge in Lam Kwai Fong. We chatted and had some drinks and then Wei and I headed back to the hostel.

Bottom line:

  • Mong Kok = street market galore, get cheap stuff there
  • PRC = only cafe in Hong Kong haha just kidding, but cafes are damn sparse in HK

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