Hong Kong Trip, Day 4 – Macau Time

by Tony Chung on August 14, 2008


Last day of our trip

Day 4 (Friday, 7/27)

Total money spent (in USD):

$45 – Round trip, ferry from HK -> Macau
$10 – Lunch at The Venetian
$XX – Money lost in gambling at Macau
$5 – Dinner at the airport

Net expenses: ~USD$60 + $XX 😉

On our last day in Hong Kong, Wei and I headed to Macau to try our luck at the blackjack tables. We checked out of our hostel around 11am and took the ferry from Tsim Sha Tsui to Macau around 12pm. There are two types of ferries, Turbojet and First Ferry. I took Turbojet the last time I went to Macau from Hong Kong, so this time we took First Ferry. Seeing the two of us walk around was quite a sight, Wei’s backpack was basically the size of an adolescent lol

When we got off the ferry at Macau, we were uber excited to get our gamble on, but then… we witnessed mayhem:


This was what we saw as soon as we walked off the boat towards customs. We waited for about one and a half hours in that crowd before getting past customs. It was absolutely ridiculous. I’m not sure if that day was an exception (it was a Sunday BTW) or if it is First Ferry service, but it totally sucked like crazy. Bleh. After we finally got past customs, we headed straight to The Venetian and got some food at the food court (we were starving like mad). Venetian is probably the most high class hotel in Macau, this was my third time there.



We ended up missing our flight by a few minutes but were lucky enough to hop onto the next flight at 12am. It was a pretty hilarious slash pathetic situation for Wei and I when we were buying dinner at the airport. Collectively, we only had a bit of pocket change left due to our luck in Macau. Luckily (again), we had JUST enough to buy ourselves Burger King hamburgers. lol

Conclusion, Hong Kong trip:

This was no doubt a really fun trip and a breath of fresh air from my Taipei life. It was also a reminder that it really does matter WHO you go with on a trip or any outing for that matter. I think it’s safe to say that both Wei and I had a blast from cracking a slew of esoteric inside jokes to speaking with an English accent to Hong Kong folks. Hong Kong is a great place to visit for anywhere from a few days to a week. If you enjoy shopping, nightlife, or sight-seeing, all of the above and more are do-able in Hong Kong. Set the date! 😉

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