Applying Ari Gold to Life

by Tony Chung on November 17, 2008


When I watch TV shows or films, I sometimes try to imagine myself in the roles of interesting characters. Ari Gold’s role in ‘Entourage’ is a great example.

I’m a big fan of the HBO series ‘Entourage’, I’ve watched pretty much every episode (and some more than a few times). If you’ve ever seen the show, you’d probably agree with me that Jeremy Piven’s character, Ari Gold, steals the show. His character is incredibly believable and totally entertaining.

In the TV show, Ari Gold represents Vinnie Chase, a famous and aspiring actor in Hollywood. Ari is one of the most powerful agents in Hollywood and this is totally evident in his high-energy dialect and actions. I think there is so much to learn from the way Ari Gold presents himself and the way he pursues (and achieves) success.

  1. High energy level 24-7. Ari Gold is alive and thriving at all times. If he’s not thinking, then he’s executing. Period. His energy is totally infectious, it carries over to those around him and even the audience members haha.
  2. Staying fit and healthy. There are many scenes in the show where he is doing push-ups or other exercises during phone calls or at home. The guy dines well too. I think his strong health also attributes to his high energy level at all times. Also infectious.
  3. Clever strategies to escape or solve problems. Ari always figures out a solution to any problem, whether it be a tricky and unethical scheme or dodging the problem altogether. The interesting part is that despite his deceitful tactics and offensive dialect, you know that he is a good person deep down inside. Life is all about solving problems.
  4. Charismatic, people simply listen to and obey him. The way he talks, walks, dresses, jokes, etc. It’s all very damn charismatic and amicable. It’s hard not to like the guy. Being charismatic and likable goes hand-in-hand with people choosing to respect and listen to you.
  5. Filtering out the bullsh*t. Whether it be unqualified business partners or idiotic interns, Ari Gold won’t have it. And he makes it blatantly clear. He only works and associates himself with those that reach his standards. The extremity of his bullsh*t filter results in a lot of people thinking of him as an asshole. But even those people respect the guy.
  6. How to be as credible an actor as Jeremy Piven. Self-explanatory. Apart from Robert Downey, Jr., I think Jeremy Piven is one of the best usually-non-lead-role actors in Hollywood. He’s like a Scottie Pippen (if you follow basketball). Socttie Pippen was Michael Jordan’s right-hand man in their most successful years on the Chicago Bulls. Even though the spotlight was on Michael Jordan, Pippen always did an amazing job as a supporting role in so many ways.

I’m actively applying some of these points to my lifestyle and character as Tony Chung. 😉 I think we should all choose a few fictional characters that we love in TV shows or films, and try to apply those traits to our own character. It will make us stronger and more successful…

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Carissa November 16, 2009 at 4:58 am

All entourage episodes are streaming online at

Edith November 16, 2009 at 1:18 pm has all entourage episodes online if you missed them on tv

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