25 Facts about Tony Chung

by Tony Chung on February 20, 2009

This was originally part of an online tag campaign, but I figured I’d also post it here for those who are interested in getting to know weird facts about me and my idiosyncrasies :p:

  1. I didn’t pay a cent for my college education.
  2. When I am embarrassed, I sweat profusely.
  3. 80% of the time I am listening to my own music on my iPod.  Egotistical? Maybe, I just like good music :-)
  4. I painted my nails black in middle/high school because I thought it made me look awesome when I shred on the guitar in our rock band.
  5. I used to cut several friends’ hair for money in high school (the Asian fade). On a side note, I cut my own hair and have shaved it/bleached it/dyed it pink before.
  6. I don’t believe in natural born talent.  I believe in hard work and perseverance.
  7. I have a somewhat hard time maintaining eye contact with people I talk to.  I have to make a conscience effort to do so.
  8. I am unable to maintain friendships with people who only have fun and don’t work towards something.
  9. I care very much about my reputation and how others perceive me.
  10. One of my first jobs was working at a library shelving books and periodicals.
  11. When I was in middle school in Texas, I got in a fight and was suspended from school for two days.
  12. I was Homecoming King in high school.
  13. I ate my own feces when i was like 2 years old (so i heard).
  14. I hate it when people are late for things, for this I am somewhat of a hypocrite.
  15. I prioritize the things i want to do over the things i need to do. i think it’s the artist side of me. So… my room is generally a mess and I’ll occasionally go days without showering.
  16. I gain satisfaction from picking my nose.  Don’t hate!
  17. I have a big nose …literally.
  18. In elementary school, i had a ginormous crush on this girl and I used to wait by the bicycle racks until she arrived and ride behind her everyday going home.  Weird yea?  I think so too. :p
  19. I’m very damn competitive. In fact, I broke our video game system controller several times from losing to my brother when we were kids.
  20. I don’t like it when people dress very artistically but aren’t in any way artistic.
  21. Sometimes i prefer to watch movies on my own at the theater to focus on gaining inspiration and new ideas / direction for music.
  22. When i figured out that ‘Tony’ was the short form of ‘Anthony’ in elementary school, i told my teachers to call me ‘Anthony’.  My birth certificate says ‘Tony’. ..FML. haha
  23. My parents almost named me ‘Waco’ after the city in Texas (because it resembles my Chinese name).
  24. I sometimes question respect vs. income. Our ambitions… our jobs… are we really striving to earn money or for the respect of others?
  25. Lebron James has heard my music.  So I’ve heard…

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