Binary City, my First Film

by Tony Chung on September 10, 2009

This film was shot in 2006-2007 and it was my first time acting in a movie (watch how my eyes flicker in fright when my gun goes off lol).  Nonetheless, it was an amazing, fun, and memorable experience because the cast and crew were so great.

The movie is called ‘Binary City’, you can watch the trailer here.  My good pal Mark Tran wrote and directed the film.  He is a very talented guy and I think he did an excellent job given the tight student budget for this movie.  Footage of this film was also later used for one of my music videos, ‘Reminiscent’, which you can check out here.

Please support Mark by checking out his latest film, ‘All About Dad’.  I think it’s a beautiful piece of work.

Secret side note: the club that you see in this footage was actually built with props at our university aka it is not a real club. Sweet, huh?

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