Reclaiming’s Position on the Web

by Tony Chung on September 10, 2009


They’re happy to see back online after a year… 😉

I’m back!

As those of you who followed my website before already know, it’s been about a year since I’ve actively written blog entries on  Well, to be fair, the frequency of entries just reduced more and more as the year progressed.  And then the site fell off the internet momentarily… and came back online, but was not in blog form.

It’s almost as if Mr. Geekwhat is a professional athlete that went through a sports injury that consumed him, and now he’s finally back and healthy again.  😉  Every week, I get at least one or two colleagues asking, ‘Hey… what happened to man?’  I never know what to say… but today I am ready to announce to the world:

I’m officially back… and I’m here to stay.

I missed blogging on and I missed conversations with you all!

I have a few goals for the site:

  1. Reclaim its place on the web. I plan to reclaim Geekwhat’s position as the first hit on a Google query for ‘Tony Chung’:)  Sounds goofy, but it’s a goal of mine.  We need to re-spark those conversations that ignited Geekwhat back in the day!
  2. Generate the dough. Before the site slowly went offline, it was generating a healthy USD$75-$130 per month legitimately.  Not a lot of money, but any money is good money right?  Well, I plan to get it back at least to this status and perhaps even higher if I’m ambitious.
  3. Consistent posts. I plan to post consistently on the blog, at least one to two posts a week.

I actually feel a bit touched right now.  I miss having conversations through the blogosphere with friends such as Doug Karr: your site looks phenomenal now, looks like you’ve really taken your blog (slash business?) to a new level, congrats!  Also Louis Gray: 19,000+ readers?  That is simply remarkable, I still remember when we were just starting out with chunky RSS icons 😉  Congrats brother!

I have realized that is like my very own baby, I created it from the ground up and I need to foster it and get it back on its two feet.  Can you guys help me out?  Let’s all take care of by creating meaningful conversations here.  I’m sure he would love that :)

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William Pramana September 10, 2009 at 5:17 am

Welcome back Tony :)

Douglas Karr September 10, 2009 at 5:39 am

Woohoo! Tony’s back! Whatever you need, let me know! You were a big supporter of my blog when it was just starting up. I’m about to rebrand with 8 (!) bloggers now. Don’t think it’s that I’m swimming in money… I still don’t make enough to just have the blog – but it has lead to some great speaking and business opportunities.

I’m looking to get the 8 other bloggers the opportunities that I’ve benefited from as well!

Tony Chung September 10, 2009 at 12:52 pm

Thanks guys, Great to hear from you William! Doug, that’s great news, keep me in the loop on how things go with that venture.

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