My Music Career Needs Your Help!

by Tony Chung on September 17, 2009

As you may know, my passion and current career track is being a recording artist i.e. songwriting, performing, and musical arrangement. I love my career and would love to write and perform music for a very long time.

But right now my music career needs your help…

Allow me to explain…

I am competing in a songwriting competition in Asia. If I can win this competition, I will have a world of opportunities ahead of me to create more music and expose it to an even wider audience in Asia.

So can you help me out? :)

Here’s a quick 8-step guide on how you can vote for my music:

  1. Go to:
  2. Fill out the information (don’t forget to check the agreement box at the top) and press ‘送出資料’.

    Detailed explanation on how to fill out the form (click the image): Picture 9

  3. Go to your e-mail inbox and click the KKBox mail.  If it is not there, check your Spam folder.
  4. Click the confirm link towards the bottom of the e-mail:Picture 11
  5. Go back to: and login if it prompts you.  (It takes about 5-10 seconds to load the songs)
  6. Go to pages 1, 2, or 3 to find my songs.  (Annoying I know, sorry they don’t have a search function)

    My songs look like this (I submitted a total of 4):Picture 7

  7. Click on the small black button ‘投我一票’ at the bottom of the song.

    Picture 12

    (A message will pop up telling you success, press OK)

  8. Repeat steps 6-8 on the other three songs of mine.
    *You can only vote once per song with a given e-mail address
    *Each person (e-mail) can vote a total of 6 times.

Perhaps you want to hear the songs I submitted? That seems fair! Here they are:

Change (Chinese) – with Michelle, Leeway
Music: Tony Chung
Lyrics: Tony Chung / Leeway Lan / MKao
Arrangement: Tony Chung

No Regrets (English)
Music/Lyrics/Arrangement: Tony Chung

Leave or Stay (English)
Music/Lyrics/Arrangement: Tony Chung

I’m Yours (English)
Music/Lyrics/Arrangement: Tony Chung

I really appreciate your support! If you enjoy the music, please share this article with your friends and family! Hear more of my music here.

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