Committing to the End

by Tony Chung on October 7, 2009

I have a problem.

Yes I will admit it.  Perhaps you share the same problem…


What is my problem?

Committing to the end.

Now I am referring specifically to ambitions and ventures in life.  In the past few years, I have created or delved in several projects, including the following:

The point of this article is not to flaunt my achievements, but in fact to point out my weakness i.e. commitment.  Although I achieved the above milestones, I believe that if I had continued to commit my passion and skills toward any of these projects consistently and with perseverance, I would have built something even greater and more successful. But I did not.  Many people have great ideas, but don’t execute on them.  I have some decent ideas and make it to the step of executing, but unfortunately I don’t persist as far down the line as I should.

So my vow is to fight it out.  To stop giving things up halfway through.  To take a passion project to the end. I think it is a blessing to truly know what you want and have access to the tools to make it happen.  I need to be more aware of this blessing and really milk it for all its worth.

I will succeed and achieve my passion project.

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