5 Benefits of Jailbreaking Your iPhone 3G

by Tony Chung on October 14, 2010

Warning: This post is specifically for those who own an iPhone 3G (or iPhone 3Gs).  If you own an iPhone 4, the information in this article is much less relevant.

I just jailbroke my iPhone 3g –version 3.0.1– a few days ago (after owning this iPhone for more than a year).

What got me to finally jailbreak my iPhone?


Well, there are some pretty sweet benefits that you could either 1. never do without or 2. would have to pay a bunch of money to acquire.

Here are some such benefits:

  1. Video Recording – With Cycorder, you can record videos on your iPhone, now you can capture those memorable or funny moments on video (pretty crappy quality but still better than not having this function at all).
  2. Customizing the Interface – Using a program like WinterBoard, you can completely customize and redesign the look of your iPhone interface, even altering such icons as the Wifi or Unlock buttons.  You can also apply some pretty spiffy wallpapers and themes.
  3. Sweet (Free) Shortcuts – There are some really awesome shortcuts that EVERY iPhone user should be using.  For example, multifl0w allows you to multitask and run background applications similar to Dashboard or Expose in Mac OS X.  Also, QuickReply allows you to be much more efficient with replying text messages than the default way — a must have.
  4. Try New Apps Without Paying First – Because jailbreaking your phone allows you to download free apps, you can try out applications before paying for something you’re not even familiar with yet.  In the past, I’ve bought a few apps that I ended up not even using — a waste of money.
  5. Makes You Cool – Don’t you feel more hip now that you can show your buddies the sweet new apps you installed (free)?  😉

If you’re interested in jailbreaking your iPhone, be forewarned that it is no trivial task for an everyday person (that is, when you start running into small problems along the way).  Here are some tutorials that will help you.

Any other cool benefits of jailbreaking that I missed?

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