Are YOU In The Right Place? All About Context.

by Tony Chung on January 26, 2011

Do you ever feel like Bill Murray in ‘Lost in Translation’?  i.e. in the wrong place

List 1:

  • Coffee cream in beer
  • Fur coat in the desert
  • Forks and knives in the closet
  • Folk music in a night club
  • Girls in a gay bar

List 2:

  • Animals in the zoo
  • Alcohol at Woodstock
  • Toothpaste in the bathroom
  • Christmas in New York
  • Jazz music in Starbucks

Look carefully through the items in list 1.

Now look through those in list 2.

Can you see the differences between the two lists?  It’s all about context.

Yes, context.

List 1 is full of items in the wrong context.  And list 2 is items in the right context, stuff that we are used to and comfortable with.

I realized recently that no matter how awesome or talented or amazing you are, if you’re not in the right context or place, it really amounts to …nothing.  If you’re crazy about web startups, you should be in Silicon Valley.  If you want to be a musician, L.A. or New York… and so on and so forth.

Without the right context, you could be wasting your time.

Shouldn’t Mr. Storm Trooper be at war in space?  WRONG context.

Enough said.  RIGHT CONTEXT.

Are YOU in the right place?

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