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Ducks look so calm, composed, and elegant above the water…

But what goes on below the water?


Yep, legs kicking madly like there ain’t no tomorrow :)

The most successful people are like ducks.

Have you noticed that the most successful people make what they do look effortless? Those who work their arse off but make it look so seamless from all the endless hours of repetitive practice. Someone once told me that if you study the best pitchers in baseball, you’ll notice that although they exert all their might into the baseball, the pitch action as a whole is actually a very soft delivery (you wouldn’t be able to pitch in a focused direction with just brute force). Bruce Lee is another great example. Very soft, agile, and flexible but phenomenally strong hits. Apple too.

Bottom line: Balance is key. Ducks kick just hard enough to keep themselves moving along without splashing water onto themselves and making a mess. Work your tail off like crazy but don’t flaunt it, your progress alone will document itself.

Want to be successful? Time to slap on your duck feet :)

Where your duck legs at?

Your thoughts

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If you are following the NBA season this year, then you know how strong and deep the San Antonio Spurs team is this year.  They’re currently on a 20-0 run (that’s 20 wins in a row) and on their way to the NBA Finals – not to mention that head coach Gregg Popovich just picked up NBA Coach of the Year 2012.  As I read the NBA news this morning over coffee, a revelation struck me:

The Spurs are the Google of the NBA.

Hear me out… Check out this (dumbed down) infographic on comparisons between the two entities (more after the graphic):

San Antonio Spurs vs. Google

San Antonio Spurs vs. Google

You simply can’t argue that the Spurs are a boring and unexciting team to watch.  Yes they drain their baskets and play brilliant basketball, but no flash and no sexiness.  None.   But you know what?  They get the job done. They win.  I personally use all five Google products listed above on a daily basis (literally) but I don’t find them sexy or attractive at all.  But hey it doesn’t matter, they work damn well and are super reliable.

Bottom line: In business, the priority should always be creating a product that just works.  Nevermind the sex appeal, does it work and is it reliable?  Yes?  OK, then the next step is to beef up the sex appeal.  Not the other way around.

Your thoughts?

On Moving To New York City

by Tony Chung on May 26, 2012

As most of you may know, my life revolves around a constant search for novelty in life and business. On that note, exactly one year ago my girlfriend and I moved to New York City. Before NYC: born in Texas, raised in Texas and California, and post-college pursued a music career in Asia.

Soho district in New York City

Right fit?

In the past, I had taken a few of those ‘Which city do you belong in’ quizzes online, and somehow they always ended up in NYC. So were those quizzes accurate? Funny enough, spot on :)

New York City is like that university I never attended that’s filled with like-minded individuals. People who are not afraid to try out bizarre new ideas, tackle four business at a time, or brew beer at home. People who actually (genuinely) believe they can change the world. It’s an inspiring city to say the least and one of a kind, no doubt.

For those who are inherently passionate, New York City takes this passion and amplifies it tenfold. Keep in mind this goes both ways, negative and positive :)

What I’ve been up to?


After moving to NYC, I set up shop for my company Geekwhat Design in a comfy co-working office on the edge of Soho (where I’m sitting as I type this entry). Business has been on the rise and design now holds a very large stake in my daily life. It’s amazing how much attention to design has carried over to my daily life. A little background on the company: our core services include WordPress custom design/development, UX design and consulting, and web hosting. If you or a colleague of yours is interested in our services, feel free to send me an email.

My company, Geekwhat Design


In addition to the company, I’m now modeling as well. How did this happen you ask? Haha I wish I had a good story, but it’s about as cliche as it gets. I was at a cafe with my gf in East Village on Saint Marks Place, and my current agent Dave scouted me. One thing led to the next, and before I knew it, I had shot Vogue, Bloomingdales, Lord and Taylor, Stoli, and Johnnie Walker. No ginormous campaigns yet, but definitely a good start as my agent tells me. I’ve been modeling for about 8-9 months as of this entry. You can follow my latest gigs at my modeling Facebook page or at Tony Chung Model.

Lord & Taylor Nationwide Campaign 2012

NYC is a city of empowerment. New York to people with inborn passion in their blood is like Professor Xavier’s school to mutants with supernatural abilities. It will make you better and stronger as a business or person.

Eating Your Vitamins For The Win

by Tony Chung on January 25, 2012

Do you eat your vitamins on a daily basis?
Or do you skip out every few days because you forget?

Not gonna lie, I’m the latter.  And you probably are too.  You see… I realized that vitamins are what separate the successful people from the mediocre-ly successful ones.  Michael Jordan probably practiced on time every single morning 99.9% of the time, Jamie Foxx practices the entire movie script before the first rehearsal – so much that he even remembers the lines of his co-actors, etc. etc.

It’s the super small (deceivingly small) things like remembering to eat your vitamins every single day that shape you into a consistent, reliable, and consequently successful person versus a person that just eats them when they remember.

Do you want to be mediocre?  Or do you want to win?

Eat your vitamins for the win.  I’m starting today. How about you?

Image courtesy of ABC News

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