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The proper pronunciation of the website name is ‘geek’ in staccato monotone + ‘what’ Ludacris style i.e. slower finish & start low on the “wh” and end high on “aaaattttt”.

“Geekwhaaaaaaattt”  :-)

Tony is an engineer by trade and lover of music, technology, and financial investing.  Born in Texas and bred in Silicon Valley, he is proud to be a geek at heart (hence the domain name).


Entrepreneurial Projects:

Tony has dabbled in a fair share of entrepreneurial projects over the years.  Musically, Tony has released two albums in Asia between 2006-2010 (read more below).   In 2010, Tony created a company with his partner Dennis called bumbletune.  The service provided artists and bands with digital download cards to allow their fans to unlock their favorite band’s online community.  In 2011, Tony founded Geekwhat Design, a firm that services clients in digital graphic design for web and print media.

Musical Pursuits:

During his Electrical Engineering studies at SJSU around 2006, Tony traveled overseas to Taiwan to release his first Mandarin pop album in Taiwan.  All music on the album was written, arranged, and performed by Tony. The album can now be purchased on iTunes or KKBox worldwide. During that year, he also starred in an independent film in America titled Binary City.  The film was later featured in Cinequest Film Festival in the Bay Area.

Tony is currently on tour and working on a new album with his pop group, Cool Silly, in Taiwan and China.  You can check out their debut mini-album right now on iTunes.  In addition to vocals and songwriting, all musical arrangement and production was created by Tony using primarily Apple Logic, mBox, and a Macbook Pro.


Technology Quests:

In 2007, Tony graduated with a B.S. Electrical Engineering from San Jose State University on a full-ride President’s Scholarship. During his college years, Tony worked at Cisco Systems as a tech support engineer at Cisco’s headquarters in Silicon Valley. For his senior project, Tony created a network authentication system for Cisco’s laboratories to monitor traffic across laboratory routers and switches.


Tony’s a big fan of the mint!  When the economy is up, he spends his time researching technology stocks and investing in the companies he is passionate about (e.g. Google, Apple). He writes many entries in this blog about investing in CDs and other ways of making small amounts of money every month.

During his stay in Asia, he has traveled to Japan, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Dubai, LA, San Francisco, and New York.

Tony is currently in New York.

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